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Eyes wide open
Eyes wide open
Clarissa; a 15 year old reincarnated sea creature with plenty of dreams to fill the universe and enough hope to last a lifetime. I have nothing to say. Let the blog speak for itself.
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introducing: tumblr users being smooth as fuck

Can you imagine that there were people complaining about this

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So my dad has this new idea: Take this wonderful wasabi thing


Turn it into beautiful, small rectangles, wrap it in laminated paper and put it in a trident box, so that it’ll look like this:


Give it to someone when they ask you for gum and watch as their mouth burns. Enjoy.


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aries mums love having boys to play with! an aries lass absolutely relishes in a household full of boys! they are tomboys from childhood and happiest when there is commotion, chaos and competition in the house

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